Emphasis In Long-term Care

Assisting Long-Term Care Facilities In Medicaid Appeals Cases

Medicaid, which is also called the Medical Assistance (MA) program in Pennsylvania, is a complex area of law. Medical providers and facility administrators must work closely with residents to determine coverage and managed care plans. However, if there is a problem concerning MA, it is important to ensure compliance while advocating for residents.

Securing maximum Medicaid benefits and avoiding gaps in coverage for residents of our clients’ nursing facilities is an integral function of our practice at Kennedy, PC Law Offices. Our experienced attorneys represent long-term care facilities around Harrisburg and throughout the state.

Dedicated Advocacy For Your Residents And Your Facility

We work with clients throughout the Medicaid process, including through:

  • Filing appeals
  • Collecting verifications
  • Obtaining a guardian for a resident, if essential
  • Pursuing uncooperative family members as necessary
  • Involving criminal defense authorities when appropriate
  • Representing long-term care providers in hearings before the administrative tribunals and appellate courts

From hearings to peer-to-peer reviews, our qualified team works toward an efficient solution. As a firm specifically committed to the legal needs of long-term care providers, we understand the challenges that our clients face.

The attorneys of Kennedy, PC Law Offices, have an abundance of experience working with our clients’ business offices, resident families, guardians, financial institutions, Medicaid eligibility caseworkers and state legal counsel. Our goal is to successfully resolve pending Medicaid applications.

Successfully Navigate A Medicaid Case

To gain the knowledge of a skilled attorney, call 877-833-7100 or complete our contact form. We can help to manage the necessary documentation as well as accomplish other legal tasks related to the care of residents.