Emphasis In Long-term Care

Your Legal Advocates In Admission Agreements

Here at Kennedy, PC Law Offices, our dedicated team of attorneys works exclusively with clients to revise and strengthen their admission agreements in long-term care facilities. When you work with us, we provide top-notch representation and affordable legal counsel.

Our firm has crafted several client’s admission agreements in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio. We have the resources, experience and extensive knowledge of the long-term care facility industry to successfully advise you and your team on your legal matters.

Personalized Approach To Advising Long-Term Care Facilities

Our team of experienced attorneys takes the time to sit with you and discuss possible changes and recommendations to your admission agreement. We do this to ensure that it is not only clear and understandable but includes the following, as well:

  • Clear protocols in the event that a resident or relative has a complaint
  • Complies with state and federal laws
  • Outlines the conditions of a resident staying at the facility
  • Outlines responsibilities of your staff

At Kennedy, PC Law Offices we understand the laws surrounding long-term care facilities and will help your facility craft an admission agreement that fits your needs and goals.

Benefits Of A Strong Admission Agreement

A strong admission agreement can greatly increase the likelihood of collecting private debts. In addition, a well-drafted agreement can improve the chance of obtaining Medicaid approval, which may include compelling the cooperation of uncooperative family members in the Medicaid eligibility process.

Here To Assist You With Your Admission Agreement Needs

Kennedy, PC Law Offices, is one of the only firms that specialize in this area. Let us represent you and your long-term care facility. Call 877-833-7100 to speak with an experienced attorney or fill out our contact form. We are eager to help you.