Emphasis In Long-term Care

Long-Term Care Facilities And The Estate Process

Here at Kennedy, PC Law Offices, our attorneys have extensive experience pursuing estate claims on behalf of our clients.

Our dedicated team of attorneys can also assist with taking the necessary steps to have a third-party administrator appointed to complete the Medicaid eligibility process when family, heirs, beneficiaries or other related parties are not willing or able to take action.

Our office represents long-term care providers as creditors in the estate process in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Ohio.

Filing A Claim And What It Can Do

There are two basic reasons to file a claim against an estate or force an estate to be opened. Facilities often need to file claims against an estate to have a private pay matter resolved. In addition, an estate can be opened for the purpose of successfully pursuing a Medicaid eligibility application and appeal.

These are complicated areas of law. That’s why you need an experienced attorney in this particular area.

Skilled Attorneys Representing You

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