Emphasis In Long-term Care

Kennedy, PC Law Offices, FAQ

What Are Our Main Focus Areas?

We only represent long-term care facilities – we do not work with residents. When you hire us, you get a team of specialists who focus on your perspective and draw on its vast experience in this area to assist you.

How Can You Help With A Denied Medicaid Eligibility Appeal? 

Local agencies reject many applications due to errors. We can help determine what caused your application to be denied and file the proper paperwork to ensure you get the assistance you’re entitled to.

Why Do I Need To Be Represented In A Guardianship Case?

Many long-term care facilities have residents who need a court-appointed guardian. In many cases, disputes arise over who the right person is for this delicate and emotional decision. Kennedy, PC Law Offices, can represent your business in these cases to ensure things go smoothly or to help sort out a difficult situation.