KENNEDY, PC Law Offices guides long-term care providers through the private collections process, from identifying red flags at admission through pursuing debts after discharge.  When a resident and/or a responsible party refuse to make payment or simply ignored your attempts to collect, we can direct you to a number of alternatives.  The collections process generally begins with a letter from one of our attorneys explaining the debt and the reasons why the recipient may be responsible for the debt.  If the debtor continues to ignore or deny responsibility to pay for the goods and services provided, we will represent a facility in the appropriate legal action, either in civil court or through arbitration proceedings.

Collections Attorney for Skilled-Nursing Facilities

KENNEDY, PC Law Offices will provide our clients with all litigation options to allow for a well thought out plan of action with the goal of resolving a situation efficiently and effectively.  Our clients are constantly updated regarding the status of any litigation and we can customize the reporting mechanisms to meet a client’s needs.



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