Does a Long Term Care Facility Need a Lawyer To Represent Them?

Does a Long Term Care Facility Need a Lawyer To Represent Them?

| Sep 20, 2018 | Firm News |

Sometimes it’s obvious when you should enlist the assistance of a lawyer, such as when you need to draft a will or head to civil court. You can’t do these things without legal representation. But does a long-term care facility need the assistance of a lawyer? The answer is yes.

While you may not realize it, an attorney can benefit your facility in a number of ways. Lawyers offer much more than representation in the courtroom. They can offer advice on important matters that arise during the day-to-day function of your facility as well as help you to chart a long-term path for your business. They can also assist you in matters exclusive to the healthcare industry, such as facing a Medicaid audit or rate appeal. Here are several other instances where you can benefit from having an attorney to counsel your facility.

Getting a Guardian Appointed for One of Your Residents

Guardianship issues can be tricky. Many families are loathed to acknowledge the realities surrounding an aging parent or grandparent. It’s often up to their long-care facility to step in when a resident needs someone to look out for their best interests. You will need to go about the proper channels to get this needed assistance, and a lawyer can show you how to go about it.

Starting a Bill Collections Process

Sometimes people don’t pay their bills. Most long-term care facilities run into this problem sooner or later, and you want the money you’re owed. If sending bills over and over isn’t working, you need a more effective strategy. A lawyer can assist you with collections and apply extra pressure to get you the money you should rightfully have.

Dealing With Adverse Event Management

Long-term care facilities care about their residents and don’t want any harm to come to them. In the event something does happen, however, you need to protect yourself and the rest of your residents by enlisting a lawyer who can advise you on the most effective way to manage such an event.

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There are some legal issues you can handle on your own, such as naming your long-term care facility and figuring out the legal structure for your business. But for more in-depth matters that could help shape the future of your business, it’s best to have legal counsel who can explain the smartest and most efficient way to proceed.

The lawyers at KENNEDY, PC can help. We specialize in representing long-term care facilities — in fact, it’s all we do. When you want the best, most experienced lawyers to look out for your facility’s interests, come to KENNEDY, PC for a free consultation.